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    Honoring The Heroes In The White Coat A Tribute To Pharmacists On World Pharmacist Day 2023

    In a grand celebration of pharmaceutical excellence and passion, DVAGO, one of the most prominent pharmacies in Pakistan, held a magnificent event on September 27, 2023, celebrating World Pharmacists’ Day. This event not only celebrated this fleet of pharmacists at DVAGO but it also celebrated pharmacists as a profession. Held under the theme 'Honoring the Heroes in the White Coat,' the event was graced by industry titans, physicians, and esteemed academia, all gathering to celebrate the invaluable contributions of pharmacists to healthcare.

    The Visionaries Who Spoke:

    The event commenced with an enlightening session by Dr. Fawad Farooq, a distinguished cardiologist, emphasizing the pivotal role of pharmacists in ensuring patient safety. His insightful words set the stage for a compelling discourse.

    Dr. Ahson Qavi Siddiqui, the Chief Executive Officer of Sindh Health-Care Commission, echoed these sentiments with a passionate perspective on the same topic. His fervent advocacy highlighted the critical need for pharmacist involvement in patient care.

    Ms. Nadia Bukhari, Founder and COO of Siha Health & Wellness then expounded on pharmacy’s role in preventive health care and compared it to the global view presented by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).

    Panel Discussions:

    The event further gained momentum with a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring eminent physicians and pharmacists, including Prof. Zaman Shaikh (Director Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology), Dr. Musarrat Riaz (Associate professor and consultant Endocrinologist Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology), Dr. Karim Kammeruddin (Professor of Medicine Baqai Medical University) and Dr. Ahson Qavi Siddiqui (Chief Executive Officer Sindh Health-Care Commission) emphasizing the collaborative aspect of healthcare.

    In the realm of pharmaceutical companies, leaders Dr. Syed Khurram Hussein (Chief Operating Officer of Global Business at Getz Pharma), Mr. Nouman Lateef (Chief Operating Officer-Commercial Martin Dow Marker Ltd.), Mr. Tahir Ahmed (Managing Director The Searle Company Limited), Mr. Zakariya Naseeb (Director Bosch Pharmaceuticals), Mr. Zubair Rizvi (Head of Trade & Revenue Manager & Afghanistan Business Sanofi-aventis Pakistan) and Kashif Makhdoom (Head of Commercial Medics Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd) participated in discussions, shedding light on the pivotal role of collaboration between pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry. Their insights emphasized the symbiotic relationship between these entities for the betterment of patient outcomes.

    Distinguished deans and professors from renowned institutions also graced the occasion. Prof. Dr. Rahela Ikram (Dean faculty of Pharmacy Salim Habib University), Prof. Dr. Shamim Akhter (Prof. Dr. Shamim Akhter Dean Hamdard University), Prof. Dr. Faiyaz Ahmed Vaid (Dean - Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Karachi), Prof. Dr. Sumbul Shamim (Prof. Dr. Sumbul Shamim Principal-Dow College of Pharmacy), Prof. Dr. Huma Ali (Principal - Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Jinnah Sindh Medical University), and Prof. Dr. Mirza Tasawer Baig (Associate Professor Ziauddin University) engaged in a stimulating panel discussion about the future of pharmacy education and training. Their collective wisdom illuminated the path forward, ensuring the continuous evolution and excellence in pharmacy education.

    This was an event that took place in a society where the health care sector is not stagnant and therefore this played the role of a pointer to the importance of pharmacists. The utterances, perceptions, and envisioned goals and plans highlighted in the discussions highlighted the importance of teamwork, training, and work in enhancing the pharmaceutical profession. As the event concluded, it left a resounding message: pharmacists, with their proud bearing and the uniform of white coats, are indeed the silent warriors of the healthcare sector, who should be appreciated and celebrated for their contributions.