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    Cyclone Biparjoy: Cyclone Safety Rules

    Cyclone ‘BIPARJOY’ comes under “Very Severe Cyclonic Storm” A (VSCSA/ cat 3) with wind speed of approximately 140-150 km/h and gusts of approximately 170 kmph. Some basic, though vital, principles that people should observe are adequate preparation and adherence to the rules of safety during such moments: your safety during such hostile conditions. Let's explore five essential pointers for cyclone preparation and safety.

    Avoid Flood-Prone Areas:

    There are some places that people should avoid especially during the rainy season and places that tend to be flooded at certain moments. Ensure the you check on local weather bulletins and have a feeling on which area are prone to flooding. Avoid low-lying areas, riverbanks, and coastal regions.

    Stock Up on Essential Supplies:

    By doing so, you should pack clothes for you and your family, food, medications, water, and any other items that you may require while in the shelter. Stock items that may be of most importance in an emergency point of view such as canned foods and other types of foods that may hardly go bad, medications, flashlights and batteries, power banks, and the best and most complete first aid kit.

    Stay indoors and find a safe spot:

    To protect yourself during a cyclone, stay indoors and find a safe area within your home. Choose a small, windowless room on the ground floor, away from windows and doors. Consider reinforcing the room for added safety. Stay informed through a battery-powered radio or a mobile phone with reliable network coverage.

    Avoid crossing flowing water:

    Never attempt to cross flowing water during a cyclone. It is hazardous and can lead to accidents and injuries. Be cautious of water-covered roads and bridges, and check Google Maps and News for constant updates.

    Prioritize preparation and awareness:

    Preparation and awareness are key during cyclones. Stay informed about the cyclone's progress through news sources’ bulletins. As the cyclone and its effects will be there for quite some time it is advisable to get medicines, bandages, Baby milk powders, and diapers for some days.

    Remember, during cyclones, it is always recommended to ensure the safety of oneself and that of your family members. If it is possible, get the necessary information, protect yourself and others, prepare accordingly, and be careful to avoid adverse outcomes when it comes to the risks.