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    Abdominal Belt Large

    Rs. 3,750.00




    Description : Smart Flamingo Abdominal Belt is recommended to be used after surgery or after delivery to provide perfect support to the abdominal region. It is also used as a back support or post-operative belt. Available in S, M, L,XL andXXL sizes, Flamingo Abdominal Belt fits perfectly around the abdominal area and does not cause any type of discomfort to the user. The excellent elasticity and breathability of this belt is widely appreciated by the users as it provides them freedom of movement. It is advised to select the Abdominal Belt as per the circumference of your waist so that it fits you utterly well. Abdomen is the area where some of the vital organs of a human body are situated, like small & large intestine, stomach and pancreas, kidney, spleen, gallbladder and liver. It becomes quite essential to take proper care of abdominal region post delivery or surgery to make it return to normal condition and Abdominal Belt comes to an aid at this stage .

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