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      Requires Prescription (YES/NO)




      Used For


      How it works

      Acitretin, the active ingredient of Acitretin, is a synthetic aromatic analogue of retinoic acid and the main metabolite of etretinate, which has been used with success for a number of years in the treatment of psoriasis and other disorders of keratinisation. Clinical studies have confirmed that, in psoriasis and dyskeratosis, acitretin brings about a normalisation of epidermal cell proliferation, differentiation and keratinisation in doses at which the side effects are generally tolerable. The effect of Acitretin is purely symptomatic: the mechanism of action is still largely unknown.




      Side Effects

      Dry, irritated or swollen eyes, which may lead to intolerance of contact lenses ; dry, irritated or runny nose, nose bleeding ; dry mouth, thirst ; dryness or inflammation of the lips, which may be alleviated by application of a fatty ointment. Itching, hair loss, peeling of the skin from the palms of hands or the soles of the feet or even rest of the body ; thinning of the skin ; changes in how the liver is working (shown by blood test); increased levels of fats in your blood (shown by blood test) ; headache; inflammation of the mucous tissue of the mouth, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, feeling sick, being sick; fragile skin, sticky feeling on the skin or a rash, skin inflammation, changes to the texture of the hair, brittle nails, skin infection around a nail, redness of the skin; joint pain, muscle pain; swelling of hands, ankles and feet

      Drug Interactions

      Methotrexate , Vitamin A and other retinoids (such as isotretinoin and tazarotene) .


      It is used to treat severe skin problems where the skin has become thick and may be scaly. These skin problems include psoriasis, ichthyosis and keratosis follicularis (Darier’s disease) .

      When not to Use

      Do not use if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to acitretin or any of the other ingredients in the list or if you take other ‘retinoid’ medicines, these include isotretinoin and tazarotene; Are breast-feeding ; have severe liver problems ; have severe kidney problems .



      Your liver function and fat (lipids) levels in your blood should be checked before starting treatment and then regularly during treatment. Your doctor may also periodically monitor your bones, as it may cause bone changes, especially in children and elderly receiving long-term treatment .


      Warning 1

      High dose treatment with neotigason can cause mood changes (including irritability, aggression and depression) .

      Warning 2

      Acitretin is a powerful human teratogen inducing a high frequency of severe and life threatening birth defects.

      Warning 3

      If you are a blood donor.You must not give blood while you are taking Acitretin or for 3 years after you stop taking it .


      Pregnancy category

      Always consult your physician before using any medicine.

      Storage (YES/NO)

      Store this medicine at room temperature, away from direct light and heat.

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