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    Natural Ii Teat Fast Flow 9M+

    Brand : avent

    Rs. 2,280.00




    The wide breast formed nipple advances a natural lock on like the breasts. Intended to give a more agreeable and placated feed for your child ; Give your baby a more contended feel, making it easy for baby to transit from breast to bottle feeding ; The spiral outline joined with our comfort petals inside the nipple expands delicateness and the adaptability permitting characteristic tongue development without nipple collapse. Intended to give your infant a more agreeable and content feeding ; Comforts baby by providing proper air ventilation from baby’s lungs ; The Philips Avent Natural bottle is accessible in 4 sizes and 7 distinct nipples for each improvement phase of your child. With various nipple delicate quality, adaptability and design and with increasing flow rates and container sizes that keep with your child's development and advancement.

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