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      Crantop 250Mg Sachets 10S

      Rs. 722.00

      Rs. 760.00



      Crantop 250Mg Specification

      Requires Prescription (YES/NO)



      Cranberry Extract

      Used For

      Urinary Tract Infection

      How it works

      It helps to prevent and reduce the symptoms of urinary tract infections naturally, by providing relief from pain and burning sensation and maintains a healthy urinary tract.

      Crantop 250Mg Usage And Safety


      Cranberry Extract

      Side Effects

      Not Known. Ask your physician or pharmacist for any side effects.

      Drug Interactions

      Ask your physician or pharmacist for any drug interactions.


      It is used to treat : Urinary tract infection ; Pain, irritation and burning sensation of the urinary tract ; Adhesion of E.coli to the urinary tract.

      When not to Use

      Hypersensitive to any of the ingredient in the list.

      Crantop 250Mg Precautions


      It is recommended not to exceed from the prescribed dose .

      Crantop 250Mg Warnings

      Warning 1

      Keep away from the reach of children.

      Warning 2

      Dissolve one sachet in a glass of water and use immediately.

      Warning 3

      Protect from heat and direct sunlight.

      Crantop 250Mg Additional Information

      Pregnancy category

      Always consult your physician before using any medicine.

      Storage (YES/NO)

      Store this medicine at room temperature, away from direct light and heat.

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