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    Dipip Capsules 40/320 Mg 2X8s

    Per Box

    Rs. 415.12

    Rs. 437.00



    How it works

    Dihydroartemisinin has fastest action on malarial parasite among all artemisinin derivatives by rapidly eliminating blood schizonts and also have strong effect on early and late trophozoites. Dihydroartemisinin concentrates selectively into cells contracted by parasites and reacts with heam to kill the parasites. This reaction produces poisonous free radicals that can destroy membranes of parasites. Piperaquine, a derivative of 4-aminoquinoline group, have strong action on blood schizonts and late trophozoites. Piperaquine inhibits the heamozoin formation and interacts with the heam to form ferriprotoporphyrin-piperaquine complex (FP-Piperaquine complex) which is highly toxic and damage the membrane of all types of malarial parasites and destroy them effectively. Both Dihydroartemisinin and Piperaquine also have strong action on gametocytes which help to prevent the malaria transmission .