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    Elbow Support Large

    Rs. 895.00




    Elbow Support offered by Flamingo Health is one of the most effective products used by the people who experience pain in their elbows. This product is highly recommended to be used for sport injuries and in mild to moderate sprains and strains. Flamingo Elbow Support helps in reducing the pain, while protecting the joint. Moreover, it is used to stabilize the surrounding muscles efficiently.Elbow Support is ideal to be used to provide relief from elbow pain caused due to Tennis Elbow. This product provides excellent support and compression to the elbows that are stiff, weak or injured. It is also preferable to wear Flamingo Elbow Support during the activities that can cause discomfort to you.Some of the features of Elbow Support are as follows: Soft texture , Light in weight , Breathability , Easy to put on and take off , Easy to adjust , Extended coverage .

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