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    Glucerna Powder 400 Grams Vanl

    Rs. 2,658.88

    Rs. 2,800.00




    Description : Glucerna milk powder is especially designed to fulfil the nutritional needs of individuals suffering from diabetes. Its enhanced slow-release carbohydrate system helps in managing blood glucose response and its unique fat blend supports vascular health and circulation in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Glucerna powder is a healthy, appropriate, and convenient alternative of skipped or unhealthy meals. Glucerna powder promotes weight loss and reduction in waistline. Key Benefits : Glucerna powder helps in keeping blood sugar under control. It reduces tiredness and fatigue. Calcium and vitamin D3 help in strengthening bones. Vitamin B supports nerve function. Glucerna powder is a source of complete and balanced nutrition. It increases metabolism and energy level.Direction For Use : To make a 237 ml serving, you need to add 200ml of cold water in a glass and slowly mix 5 pressed scoops (52.1g) of Glucerna powder in it till the powder has completely dissolved.

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