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      hapibar capsules 30mg (1 box = 1 strip)(1 strip = 14 capsules) Product Image

      Hapibar Capsules 30Mg (1 Box = 1 Strip)(1 Strip = 14 Capsules)

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      Hapibar Capsules Specification

      Requires Prescription (YES/NO)



      Duloxetine hydrochloride

      Used For


      How it works

      Although the exact mechanisms of the antidepressant, central pain inhibitory and anxiolytic actions of duloxetine in humans are unknown, these actions are believed to be related to its potentiation of serotonergic and noradrenergic activity in the CNS.

      Hapibar Capsules Usage And Safety


      Duloxetine hydrochloride

      Side Effects

      GI disorders , excessive sweating CNS disorders e.g. dizziness , fatigue , insomnia , somnolence , blurred vision , dysuria , headache , dry mouth , wt loss , palpitation , tremor , tinnitus , muscle spasms , anorexia, increased libido , anxiety , abnormal dreams.

      Drug Interactions

      CYP1A2 Inhibitors , CYP2D6 Inhibitors , tricyclic antidepressants [TCAs], such as nortriptyline, amitriptyline, and imipramine), phenothiazine and Type 1C anti-arrhythmic (e.g., propafenone, flecainide), Alcohol.


      It is used in depression, anxiety, neuropathic and muscular pain.

      When not to Use

      The use of MAOIs intended to treat psychiatric disorders with duloxetine or within 5 days of stopping treatment with duloxetine is contraindicated because of an increased risk of serotonin syndrome.

      Hapibar Capsules Precautions


      Patients with major depressive disorder (MDD), both adult and pediatric, may experience worsening of their depression and/or the emergence of suicidal ideation and behavior (suicidality) or unusual changes in behavior, whether or not they are taking antidepressant medications, and this risk may persist until significant remission occurs.

      Hapibar Capsules Warnings

      Warning 1

      It should be discontinued in patients who develop jaundice or other evidence of clinically significant liver dysfunction and should not be resumed unless another cause can be established.

      Warning 2

      Orthostatic hypotension and syncope have been reported with therapeutic doses of duloxetine. Syncope and orthostatic hypotension tend to occur within the first week of therapy but can occur at any time during duloxetine treatment, particularly after dose increases.

      Warning 3

      Severe skin reactions, including erythema multiforme and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS), can occur with Duloxetine.

      Hapibar Capsules Additional Information

      Pregnancy category

      Always consult your physician before using any medicine.

      Storage (YES/NO)

      Store this medicine at room temperature, away from direct light and heat.

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