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      Hemani Daytime Recovery Face Serum 30Ml

      Brand : hemani

      Rs. 1,250.00



      Hemani Daytime Description

      A lightweight daytime oil that regenerates, moisturizes, and boosts the skin's defense against pollution and free radicals. Grape Seed Oil tightens pores, moisturizes, reduces scars, and lightens skin. Tamanu Oil nourishes, firms and soothes skin. Grapefruit Oil reduces oiliness and tones the skin. Ginger Oil reduces acne and scars while adding a natural glow to the skin. It promotes cell turnover, stimulates collagen production, and helps to even out skin tone, and helps to repair skin damage. Antioxidants help in the fight against free radicals that damage skin, and other hydration can boost and lock in moisture.

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