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    Hyalgan 20Mg Injection

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    Sodium Hyaluronate

    Used For


    How it works

    The precise mechanism by which it works is unknown. The fluid (synovial fluid) in your knee helps to lubricate and cushion the joint during movement. The major component in the synovial fluid is hyaluronic acid. One of the early effects of osteoarthritis (OA) is the breakdown of this fluid, making it less effective. It is thought that this injection helps restore the synovial fluid back to a more healthy state, thereby reducing the pain of OA.



    Sodium Hyaluronate

    Side Effects

    Transient pain and swelling at injection site .

    Drug Interactions

    Other intra-articular preps, quaternary ammonium disinfectants .


    It is indicated for the treatment of pain in osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee in patients who have failed to respond adequately to conservative nonpharmacologic therapy, and to simple analgesics, e.g., acetaminophen.

    When not to Use

    • Do not administer to patients with known hypersensitivity to hyaluronate preparations. • Intra-articular injections are contraindicated in cases of present infections or skin diseases in the area of the injection site to reduce the potential for developing septic arthritis.



    Strict aseptic administration technique must be followed to avoid infections in the injection site.


    Warning 1

    Patients should be carefully examined prior to administration to determine signs of acute inflammation, and the physician should evaluate whether this treatment should be initiated when objective signs of inflammation are present.

    Warning 2

    Do not concomitantly use disinfectants containing quaternary ammonium salts for skin preparation because hyaluronic acid can precipitate in their presence.

    Warning 3

    Transient increases in inflammation in the injected knee following this medicine injection have been reported in some patients with inflammatory arthritis and should not be injected if objective signs of inflammation are present. Transient pain and/or swelling of the injected joint may occur after intra-articular injection of this medicine. Anaphylactoid and allergic reactions have been reported with the use of this product.


    Pregnancy category

    Always consult your physician before using any medicine.

    Storage (YES/NO)

    Store this medicine at room temperature, away from direct light and heat.

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