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    Ramipace 2.5Mg Tablets 28S (Pack Size 2 X 14S)

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    Requires Prescription (YES/NO)




    Used For


    How it works

    Ramiprilat, the active metabolite of the prodrug ramipril, inhibits the enzyme dipeptidylcarboxypeptidase I (synonyms: angiotensin-converting enzyme; kininase II). In plasma and tissue this enzyme catalyses the conversion of angiotensin I to the active vasoconstrictor substance angiotensin II, as well as the breakdown of the active vasodilator bradykinin. Reduced angiotensin II formation and inhibition of bradykinin breakdown lead to vasodilatation.




    Side Effects

    Common (may affect up to 1 in 10 people) • Headache or feeling tired • Feeling dizzy. This is more likely to happen when you start taking ramipril or start taking a higher dose • Fainting, hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure), especially when you stand or sit up quickly • Dry tickly cough, inflammation of your sinuses (sinusitis) or bronchitis, shortness of breath • Stomach or gut pain, diarrhoea, indigestion, feeling or being sick • Skin rash with or without raised area • Chest pain • Cramps or pain in your muscles • Blood tests showing more potassium than usual in your blood. Uncommon (may affect up to 1 in 100 people) • Balance problems (vertigo) • Itching and unusual skin sensations such as numbness, tingling, pricking, burning or creeping on your skin (paraesthesia) • Loss or change in the way things taste • Sleep problems • Feeling depressed, anxious, more nervous than usual or restless • Blocked nose, difficulty breathing or worsening of asthma .

    Drug Interactions

    Sacubitril/valsartan , (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen or indometacin and aspirin) , ciclosporin , furosemide , triamterene, amiloride, potassium salts, trimethoprim alone or in combination with sulfamethoxazole , Allopurinol , Procainamide , Temsirolimus , Sirolimus, everolimus , Vildagliptin , Racecadotril .


    It is used: • To treat high blood pressure (hypertension) • To reduce the risk of you having a heart attack or stroke.

    When not to Use

    Do not take ramipril : If you are allergic to ramipril, any other ACE inhibitor medicine or any of the ingredients of this medicine . Signs of an allergic reaction may include a rash, swallowing or breathing problems, swelling of your lips, face, throat or tongue ± If you have ever had a serious allergic reaction called “angioedema”. The signs include itching, hives (urticaria), red marks on the hands, feet and throat, swelling of the throat and tongue, swelling around the eyes and lips, difficulty breathing and swallowing.



    Generally, it is recommended to correct dehydration, hypovolaemia or salt depletion before initiating treatment (in patients with heart failure, however, such corrective action must be carefully weighed out against the risk of volume overload).


    Warning 1

    Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking ramipril If you have heart, liver or kidney problems.

    Warning 2

    Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking ramipril if you have lost a lot of body salts or fluids (through being sick (vomiting), having diarrhoea, sweating more than usual, being on a low salt diet, taking diuretics (water tablets) for a long time or having had dialysis .

    Warning 3

    Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking ramipril If you are going to have treatment to reduce your allergy to bee or wasp stings (desensitization) .


    Pregnancy category

    Always consult your physician before using any medicine.

    Storage (YES/NO)

    Store this medicine at room temperature, away from direct light and heat.

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