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      salazodine ec tablets 500mg (1 box = 1 strip)(1 strip = 10 tablets) Product Image

      Salazodine Ec Tablets 500Mg (1 Box = 1 Strip)(1 Strip = 10 Tablets)

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      Salazodine Ec Specification

      Requires Prescription (YES/NO)




      Used For

      Pain & Inflammation

      How it works

      The way in which it works is unclear and thought to involve three actions: 1.Anti-inflammatory action, which blocks the production and effect of certain substances in the body (cyclooxygenase, prostaglandins and others), which are involved in producing inflammation.2.Bacteriostatic (anti-bacterial) action, which prevents the growth of several kinds of bacteria which are possibly involved in inflammation.3.Immunosuppressive action (which reduces a patient’s overly active immune response, which has been linked to inflammatory diseases).All of these actions likely work together to reduce symptoms of gut inflammation, diarrhea, swelling and bleeding.

      Salazodine Ec Usage And Safety



      Side Effects

      More Common: Diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, headache, itching, skin rash, upset stomach. Less Common: rash, itching, hives, fever. Rare: blood problems.

      Drug Interactions

      Anthralin , Antibiotic , Anticoagulants, coumarin- or indandione-type (blood thinners) , Antidiabetic agents, oral (diabetes medicines you take by mouth) , Azathioprine , Coal tar , Dapsone , Digitalis glycosides (heart medicine) , Dipyrone , Diuretics (water pills or high blood pressure medicine) , Ethotoin , Folic acid , Furazolidone , Mephenytoin , Methenamine , Methotrexate , Methoxsalen , Nalidixic acid , Nitrofurantoin , Other sulfonamides , Oxyphenbutazone , Phenothiazines (tranquilizers) , Phenylbutazone , Phenytoin , Primaquine , Probenecid , Sulfinpyrazone , Sulfoxone , Tetracyclines.


      It contains sulfasalazine, which is an antiinflammatory drug indicated as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of severe ulcerative colitis (bowel inflammation), proctitis (inflammation of the rectum) or distal ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

      When not to Use

      Do not use this medicine if you have: A hypersensitivity (allergic reactions) to sulfasalazine, its metabolites, sulfonamides, salicylates or any other component of this product ; an intestinal or urinary obstruction; porphyria (disease of pigment production in tissues) ; experienced sudden asthmatic attacks, urticaria, rhinitis, or other allergic-type reactions to acetylsalicylic acid or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, as these attacks are serious and can be fatal.

      Salazodine Ec Precautions


      Stop taking salfasalazine immediately and tell your doctor if you develop the following symptoms: Skin rash, fever, swollen lymph nodes, lesions inside your mouth or nose.

      Salazodine Ec Warnings

      Warning 1

      Before you use salfasalzine talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you: have had any allergic reactions to any sulfonamides, furosemide or thiazide diuretics (water pills), dapsone, sulfoxone, oral hypoglycemics (diabetes drugs you take by mouth), glaucoma medicines you take by mouth (for example, acetazolamide, dichlorophenamide, methazolamide), or salicylates (for example, acetylsalicylic acid).

      Warning 2

      Before you use salfasalzine talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have history of recurring or chronic infections. If you develop a new infection while taking this medicine, talk to your doctor.

      Warning 3

      Before you use salfasalzine talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you before having any kind of surgery, including dental surgery, with a general anaesthetic, tell the physician or dentist in charge that you are taking a sulfonamide.

      Salazodine Ec Additional Information

      Pregnancy category

      Always consult your physician before using any medicine.

      Storage (YES/NO)

      Store this medicine at room temperature, away from direct light and heat.

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