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      telsarta tablets 20mg (1 box = 1 strip)(1 strip = 10 tablets) Product Image

      Telsarta Tablets 20Mg (1 Box = 1 Strip)(1 Strip = 10 Tablets)

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      Telsarta Tablets Specification

      Requires Prescription (YES/NO)




      Used For


      How it works

      Angiotensin II is formed from angiotensin I in a reaction catalyzed by angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE, kininase II). Angiotensin II is the principal pressor agent of the renin-angiotensin system, with effects that include vasoconstriction, stimulation of synthesis and release of aldosterone, cardiac stimulation and renal reabsorption of sodium. Telmisartan blocks the vasoconstrictor and aldosterone-secreting effects of angiotensin II by selectively blocking the binding of angiotensin II to the AT1 receptor in many tissues, such as vascular smooth muscle and the adrenal gland. Its action is therefore independent of the pathways for angiotensin II synthesis. Telmisartan has much greater affinity (>3,000 fold) for the AT1 receptor than for the AT2 receptor. Blockade of renin-angiotensin system with ACE inhibitors, inhibits the biosynthesis of angiotensin II from angiotensin I and is widely used in the treatment of hypertension.

      Telsarta Tablets Usage And Safety



      Side Effects

      Common: Symptoms of infection (e.g., urinary tract infections including cystitis), upper respiratory tract infections including pharyngitis and sinusitis, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia, eczema, arthralgia, back pain (e.g., sciatica), muscle spasms or pain in extremity, myalgia, chest pain and influenza-like illness.Uncommon: Anxiety, visual disturbance, vertigo, dry mouth, flatulence, hyperhidrosis and tendonitis.Rare: Stomach discomfort.

      Drug Interactions

      Digoxin , potassium-sparing diuretics, potassium supplements, salt substitutes , heparin, immunosuppresor (cyclosporine or tacrolimus), trimethoprim, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin II receptors antagonist, NSAIDS , lithium.


      Telmisartan is indicated for the treatment of essential hypertension. It may be used alone or in combination with other antihypertensive agents.

      When not to Use

      Telmisartan is contraindicated:- In patients who are hypersensitive to telmisartan or any component of the product.- During second and third trimesters of pregnancy and lactation.- In patients with biliary obstructive disorders.- In patients with severe hepatic impairment.- In patients with severe renal impairment.- In patients with hereditary fructose intolerance.

      Telsarta Tablets Precautions


      Symptomatic hypotension, especially after the first dose, may occur in patients who are volume or sodium depleted by vigorous diuretic therapy, dietary salt restriction and diarrhea or vomiting. Such conditions, especially volume or sodium depletion, should be corrected before administration of telmisartan.

      Telsarta Tablets Warnings

      Warning 1

      Patients on dialysis may develop orthostatic hypotension so their blood pressure should be closely monitored. The majority of telmisartan is eliminated in the bile. Patients with biliary obstructive disorders or severe hepatic insufficiency can be expected to have reduced clearance. Telmisartan should be used only with caution in these patients .

      Warning 2

      There is an increased risk of severe hypotension and renal insufficiency when patients with bilateral renal artery stenosis or stenosis of the artery to a single functioning kidney are treated with medicinal products that affect the reninangiotensin-aldosterone system.

      Warning 3

      During treatment with medicinal products that affect the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system hyperkalemia may occur, especially in the presence of renal impairment and/or heart failure. Monitoring of serum potassium in patients at risk is recommended.

      Telsarta Tablets Additional Information

      Pregnancy category

      Always consult your physician before using any medicine.

      Storage (YES/NO)

      Store this medicine at room temperature, away from direct light and heat.

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