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    Topilep-50 50Mg Tablets 60S (Pack Size 6 X 10S)

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    Requires Prescription (YES/NO)




    Used For


    How it works

    Topiramate works by reducing the spread of seizure activity in the brain and restoring the normal balance of nerve activity. For epilepsy - brain cells normally talk to each other using electrical signals and chemicals. Seizures can happen when the brain cells are not working properly or working faster than normal.




    Side Effects

    Common (may affect up to 1 in 10 people) - Seizures (fits) , Anxiety, irritability, changes in mood, confusion, disorientation , Problems with concentration, slowness of thinking, loss of memory, problems with memory (new onset, sudden change or increased severity) , Kidney stone, frequent or painful urination.Uncommon (may affect up to 1 in 100 people) : Increased acid level in the blood (may cause troubled breathing including shortness of breath, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, excessive tiredness, and fast or uneven heart beats) , Decreased or loss of sweating (particularly in young children who are exposed to high temperatures) , Having thoughts of serious self-harm, trying to cause serious self-harm , Loss of part of the field of vision.Rare (may affect up to 1 in 1,000 people) : Glaucoma – blockage of fluid in eye causing increased pressure in the eye, pain, or decreased vision , Difficulty thinking, remembering information, or solving problems, being less alert or aware, feeling , sleepy with low energy – these symptoms may be a sign of a high level of ammonia in the blood (hyperammonemia), which can lead to a change in brain function (hyperammonemic encephalopathy).

    Drug Interactions

    Muscle relaxants and sedatives , risperidone, lithium, hydrochlorothiazide, metformin, pioglitazone, glibenclamide, amitriptyline, propranolol, diltiazem, venlafaxine, flunarazine, St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) (a herbal preparation used to treat depression), warfarin used to thin the blood.


    Topiramate belongs to a group of medicines called anti-epileptic medicines. Alone to treat seizures in adults and children over age 6 , with other medicines to treat seizures in adults and children aged 2 years and above - to prevent migraine headaches in adults .

    When not to Use

    Do not take Topiramate if: You are allergic to topiramate or any of the other ingredients of this medicine - for migraine prevention - if you are pregnant or if you are a woman of childbearing potential unless you are using effective contraception. You should talk to your doctor about the best kind of contraception to use while you are taking Topiramate.



    You may lose weight if you use Topiramate so your weight should be checked regularly when using this medicine. If you are losing too much weight or a child using this medicine is not gaining enough weight, you should consult your doctor.


    Warning 1

    It is important that you do not stop taking your medicine without first consulting your doctor.

    Warning 2

    A small number of people being treated with anti-epileptic medicines such as Topiramate have had thoughts of harming or killing themselves. If at any time you have these thoughts, immediately contact your doctor.

    Warning 3

    Topiramate can cause serious skin reactions, tell your doctor immediately if you develop a skin rash and/or blisters.


    Pregnancy category

    Always consult your physician before using any medicine.

    Storage (YES/NO)

    Store this medicine at room temperature, away from direct light and heat.

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