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    Lu Candi Family Pack

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    One of the most innovative brands Launched by CBL, Candi is the only brown sugar biscuit in Pakistan, which stands apart from all other brands due to its sweet taste, crunchy texture and unique brown color. Eating Candi is a pleasure in itself that adds a touch of sweetness to life!Besides a unique taste, the brand has also given us memorable ad campaigns with famous taglines like “Candi mein who khas bath hai” and recently the re-launch of Candi “Toh candi hojaye, Aur life meethi hojaye”. It is also the perfect biscuit for use in all sorts of divine desserts, some of which our experts have shared through the Family Packs. All one needs to do is buy a Family Pack and try one of the yummy recipes shown on the pack. Have you tried any of them yet.