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    Pink Eye Or Conjunctivitis: Symptoms, Prevention, And Easy Treatment

    Pink eye, medically known as conjunctivitis is known to be an ailment of the eye that may cause much discomfort. It may arise from bacteria, virus, chemical or allergens such as pollen grains in the environment. So, in this article, we will look at the missed signals that might help to diagnose pink eye and how to avoid infection, four efficient remedies you can try. We will also bring to light some products which may be used in the treatment of Symptomatic relief of pink eye.

    Early Signs & Symptoms:

    It must be mentioned that there are various symptoms that come along with pink eye depending on its cause. If you or any person you know is affected with pink eye, kindly, beware of the following signs or symptoms.

    Pink or Red Eyes: The conjunctiva of the sclera also may be pink or red.

    Itching and Irritation: In addition, one may experience itchiness and some irritation or burning in the eyes.

    Increased Tear Production: Rapid, thin liquid drainage and if the suture is placed too low, excessive tearing can also occur.

    Eye Discharge: Vaginal itching, irritation, foam or thick, white or green, clear, clumpy, or sticky vaginal discharge may be experienced.

    Matted Eyelids: Eyes may feel sleepy during events such as waking up in the morning or during lengthy car journeys.

    Swelling: Redness of the eyes is also noticeable, and the eyelids may also swell.

    Preventing Pink Eye Spread:

    Contrary to its name, pink eye is actually quite contagious, particularly when it originated from bacteria or viruses. To prevent its spread:

    Avoid Eye Touching: It touches on the two organs that one should avoid using hands or even massaging by making some facial expressions that involves hands.

    Hand Hygiene: When you cough or sneeze, use your elbow, clothes, tissue, or hand; wash your hand properly or use a hand sanitizing method.

    Clean the Eye Area: Pursuant to the given ratio, in the event of eye discharge one should wash the area around the eyes much more frequently than few hours.

    Handwashing After Contact: However, prevent touching the face or eyes particularly when you are interacting with a person having pink eye or when dealing with items used by the affected person.

    No Sharing: Avoid contact with the fluids that have contaminated the infected person and should not use items that have been used by the infected person like towels and makeup, glasses etc.

    Stay Hydrated and Rest: Consuming sufficient water and sleep is also essential to help support the process of healing.

    Dispose of Items: Disposing thoroughly the contact lens solution, lens and cases that were used in the course of the infection.

    Replace Makeup: Throw away any used cosmetic products that have been used during the infection such as the eye and face cosmetics.

    Clean Glasses and Cases: Check on the cleanliness of the eyeglasses and its cases to ensure they are clean.

    Quick Treatment for Pink Eye:

    This condition is usually self-limiting and a person with pink eye can recover without medical intervention in 7- 10 days. But when it becomes so severe or common, you should see your doctor. Most important, you may try the following while waiting for the authoritative information.

    Cold Compress: Use cold water as an eye drop to calm the eyes if they are very irritated.

    Artificial Tears: One should consider Using tear eye drops if one is having discharge, blurriness in vision, itch feeling or burning on the eyes.

    Doctor's Guidance: Further, if the symptoms mentioned above continue to occur, one should consult a doctor at the earliest.

    Products for Pink Eye Relief:
    Several products may help alleviate pink eye symptoms. Here are a few options:

    Just to recall, your eye health needs to be one of your top priorities, and timely treatment and prevention must be sought in case of any eye infections, including pink eye, do not refuse wearing black glasses if you have contracted Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis, and follow any measures to stop the further spreading.